Buy One, Give One Free

Changing lives, one cup at a time

Each cup sold is helping to make a positive impact in the lives of girls in Nigeria.

Do you remember your first period? Were you excited or anxious? Did anyone tell you what to expect? Did you receive any period education? Now imagine that when you started your first period, you had no clue about what was happening to your body and there was no one to turn to for help. What would that have felt like for you? How about if instead of using decent period products, you had to use unhygienic items like leaves, old rags, cow dung, and pieces of paper or nothing at all because you had no other option. What about if you had to miss school because you had no access to period products and you would be ‘shamed’ or called ‘dirty’ if you turned up with blood-stained clothes? While the scenarios above may seem foreign to you, it is a common challenge all over the world. Period poverty is a global issue, it exists. Refresh Cup is more than a cup. We are on a mission to tackle period poverty by empowering and educating girls who do not have access to period products or education. Being a social enterprise, we operate a buy one give one policy and we match every Refresh product sold with a cup which is donated for free to young underprivileged girls in need areas of Nigeria. We believe periods are a normal part of the female reproductive health and want every single girl growing up in Nigeria especially the less privileged regions to have proper education on menstrual hygiene management and access to sustainable menstrual products. It is not a luxury but a right. Refresh Cup is more than just a cup; it is a revolution. Will you support us in making a difference in the world and purchase a sustainable product today?